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Got a bunch of styrofoam laying around in your basement or garage? Bring it on in to The Postal Shoppe for it to be re-purposed!

Styrofoam is a very pesky yet helpful packing material that is good for when you order something fragile but after you unpack it, what do you do with this specifically shaped piece of styrofoam? Well, you can bring it in to the Postal Shoppe! 


What do we do with the styrofoam to repurpose it?

We melt it! We have a small machine that just heats up a grid of wire and it melts it into smaller pieces. Usually we will run it through the wire twice for large oddly shaped pieces of styrofoam. We then use them for packing peanuts as a little bit more sturdy packaging for fragile items. We sell them too if you happen to need some! 
Are there any exceptions?
Yes, all we ask is that you avoid including items that are made of thin styrofoam. This includes takeout containers from a restaurant, egg containers, meat containers, bowls and cups, etc. Those just don't provide much protection when used as packaging. 

Questions?  Call The Postal Shoppe at 815-484-0940 for any questions or concerns about styrofoam recycling.

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